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When traveling for Hajj or Umrah there are many unanswered questions, below are some answers to those questions.. If you have any questions about Hajj & Umrah and the answer isn't below please call or email us we will be happy to assist you.

1.Is it permissible for a woman to take medicine to stop her monthly menstrual period temporarily in the time of Hajj?

If the departure date of the lady is such that if she experiences her menstrual cycles it may hinder her performance of the tawaaf-e-Zaiyaarat before she is able to leave then she may use medication to delay her monthly periods.

2.When I go to Hajj/ Umrah can I put ihraam on and make niyyat at Jeddah airport?

You should put the Ihraam on when the pilot announces that the plane is crossing the Meeqat boundry and also make the intention and recite the talbiya at this time.

3.When stoning, if the stone doesn't touch the shaitan but falls into the round dip is it valid?

The stoning will be valid in this instance.

4.Are the women allowed to cover their faces during the time of umrah and haj if they want to?

A woman should not cover her face in a way that the clothing touches the face.

5.Can one use vaseline in Ihraam

Yes one could use the vaseline that does not have any fragrance.

6.If hair falls of the beard as a result of stroking the beard while in ihraam,what should one do ?

One should give some charity in this situation.

7.Is it permissible for women to wear jewellery, socks, or gloves in the state of Ihraam

Although it is permissible to wear these items, it is best that they are not worn during Ihraam

8. I would like to know wheher all sins(including kabira/major sins)will be forgived after Hajj

if one has made sincer tauba from all the sins during Hajj then all sins inclduing the masjor sins will be forgiven

9.What kind/shape or shoes or sandals are allowed to be worn when one is wearing ihram

Females can wear any type of foot gear. Men should wear any footgear that does not have a strap above the protruding bone on the upper part of the foot where the lace is usually tied.

10.Is it permissible for one to perform Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarah on the 7th of Zil Hajj?

Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarat and Tawaaf-e-Ifaada are synonomous. Tawaaf-e-Ziyaarah cannot be performed on 7th Zil Hijjah.

11.Can females perform Haj without a Mahram?

Females cannot travel the Shari Safr distance (77km) without a Mahram. Hence if a woman needs to travel this distance or more to reach Makkah she may not do so without a Mahram. However, if a woman is less than 77 km away from Makkah she is not prohibited from performing Haj without a Mahram.

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