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Imam of Islamic Center of Davis

Ammar Shahin was born in Cairo, Egypt where he began his Islamic training at a young age under the supervision of his father who was the sheikh of their village. He memorized the Qur’an at the age of twelve in various modes of recitation. He continued his Islamic education, graduating from the Institute for Preparation of Preachers with a diploma in Islamic studies as well as studying at Al-Forqan Institute. He then traveled to the United States in 1999 where he studied computer engineering. He continued to study with many scholars, receiving from them ijazaat (licenses) in various Islamic sciences. His studied included studying the Maliki madhhab. He also pursued a B.A. at Al-Azhar University in the Islamic Sciences and Arabic language, and received a B.A. and M.A. at the Islamic University of Minnesota in Islamic Studies. He has been an Imam in various mosques across the United States, and currently he is the Imam at the Islamic Center of Davis.


Imam of ISCN Masjid, CA

Shaykh Obair Katchi was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Southern California. He was blessed with the opportunity to memorize the Quran at a very young age. After completing the memorization of the Quran he completed a formal ‘Alamiyyah degree (Masters in Arabic and Islamic Studies) at the Islamic University of Toronto. Shaykh Obair currently serves as an instructor at the Institute of Knowledge as well as the imam at the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco and he is also working towards perusing a degree in behavioral sciences.



Imam Nadim was born in Florida and moved to the DFW Metroplex at a very young age. In 1989 he traveled overseas to Pakistan where he memorized the entire Quran by the age of 11.

Imam Nadim Bashir began his educational journey in New Orleans where he was able to develop his foundation in Arabic and Fiqh. He then transferred overseas to study at Jamia Taalimul-Islam, Dewsbury, U.K. for seven years where he received Ijaazaat in various Islamic Sciences, including Arabic, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Hadith, Tafseer, Tajweed, and Qira’ah. He graduated in 2003 and has been serving Deen in the U.S. till today.

Sh. Yaseen Palwala

Sh. Yaseen Palwala
Imam of Al Fatiha Institute, IL

Sheikh Yaseen Palwala was born and raised in the suburbs of Montreal, Canada. Sheikh Yaseen embarked on his spiritual journey at a very young age in Toronto, Canada wherein he secured a bachelors in Islamic Sciences and a major in theology. Sheikh Yaseen spearheaded his passion in research which compelled him to dig deeper into the exegesis of the Holy Quran & specialized in the Tafseer of the Quran. Sheikh is the Co-founder & principle of Al-Fatiha Institute & is serving as a Tafseer Instructor & part time Khateeb at IFS (Islamic Foundation South) in Villa Park IL. And in many other masjid in the the Chicago suburbs. He is also fond of working with Umra & Hajj groups as a spiritual guide & is also working with the youth extensively. Sheikh also travels to different parts of North America for Friday Sermons, fundraisers, lectures & seminars. 

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