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Steps to Perform Hajj

Steps to Perform Hajj
Please note that it is fardh in Hajj Al-Tamattu to perform Umrah in conjunction with Hajj. More precisely, the rituals of Umrah are performed first and then the rituals of Hajj are followed. The below section details the process in a sufficient manner.

Performing Hajj in 2020. This is a special guide for those who want to know about performing hajj and it is step by step guide, Hajj and Umrah are both unique forms of worship in which a Muslim leaves behind all of his worldly belongings to travel to the Holy land as an act of submission to the Almighty. Here is a step by step guide on performing the Hajj in 2020.

Importance of Ihram

Pilgrims are required to change into Ihram to perform the Hajj. Men have to do two pieces of unstitched fabric and shoes that won't cover their feet. Women wear a loose dress covering the whole body except the face and hands. Once the pilgrim is in the state of Ihram he/she is not allowed to cut hair or nails, shave, wear any fragrance, engage in intercourse or hunt.

In how to perform hajj step by step guide the first thing is Niyyah, The intent to perform the Hajj and Umrah is called Niyyah which can be of 3 types:

1. The first kind of intent is known as Hajj Tamattu; First Umrah then Hajj.
2. Second intent of Niyyah is called Hajj Efraad; Hajj only
3. Hajj Qiraan; First Hajj then Umrah

The Hajj in 2020
Hajj can be performed in a total of 5 to 6 days. It begins on the 8th of Zilhaj and ends on the 13th of Zilhaj respectively.

Day 8:
In how to perform hajj step by step the 2nd thing is the Pilgrims depart from Makkah to Mina after offering Fajr prayers. They arrive at Mina and spent the night there.


Day 9:
After the sun rises, the pilgrims then set the trail for Arafah. Zuhr and Asr prayers are offered together at Zuhr time and then they proceed to stand united in Arafah whilst facing the Qiblah. Here, they pray and ask for forgiveness until the sun sets. Yaumu Arafah is considered the greatest and most important part of the Hajj.


Day 10:
On the Yaumun Nahr, the pilgrims depart from Arafah for Muzdalifah where they offer Maghrib and Isha prayers together at Isha time. They spend the night in Muzdalifah and after the offering Fajr prayers, they leave for Mina to throw 7 pebbles at Jamaraat. Once that is done, they proceed towards the sacrifice and shaving of the hair. They then proceed back to Makkah to finally perform the Tawaaf Efaadah. This act allows the pilgrim to end their state of Ihram. The pilgrims then again leave for Mina.

Day 11:
On the first day of Tashreeq, seven pebbles are thrown at Jamaraat.

Day 12:
Stoning takes place again unless the pilgrims are leaving for Makkah.

Day 13:
After stoning on the third day of Tashreeq, pilgrims leave for Makkah.

Tawaf Ul Wida:
The Farewell tawaaf is performed and prayers are offered behind Muqaame Ibrahim. This is the final thing In how to perform hajj step by step.

Performing hajj is a whole life experience for a pilgrim. Touching the Ka’aba and being called in between the Hajjis on the day of Judgement is the greatest desire of every Muslim in the World.

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