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Umrah Requirements

Requirement to perform Umrah following citizens:

Following 49 eligible countries can apply for an E-Visa which is valid for 1 year, multiple entry up to 90 days to stay, It covers tourism-related activities and Umrah (excluding Hajj season) and excludes other activities such as studying.

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For countries not mentioned in the above list can apply for a Umrah visa if they are legal residence of USA

Requirements For Tourist Visa: ( Free WIth All Our Umrah Packages)

  • Must be above 18+ above age, if below must be accompanied by legal guardian or parent.

  • Passport must be valid for more than 6 month beyond date of travel.

  • The Pilgrims who have non-Islamic names must have a statement from any Islamic Center Showing Their Conversion To Islam

Important notice for visitors traveling to Saudi Arabia on a tourism visa.​

  • All travelers entering on a previously issued tourism visa will be required to pay an additional fee of SAR 40 at the airport of their arrival to cover insurance for any COVID-19 related medical expenses.

Requirements For Umrah Visa:

  • Original passport must be valid for over 6 months beyond date of travel.

  • Color clear copy of passport front page which has all the information of the person and copy of the page which shows latest entry to USA.

  • Two recent color passport size pictures.

  • Color copy of green card front and back or any other USA residency documents and must be notarized mentioning that this is original copy of green card or other USA residency documents.

  • Confirmation of accommodation

  • Clear copy of all vaccine record including booster shot and Meningitis shot.

  • If Female is traveling under 45 years must show relation to the Male mehrem traveling with her like wife mother or any other relation.

  • Copy of airline ticket which must show in and out of either Jeddah or Madinah, make sure that any one traveling on UMRAH visa must be only via JEDDAH or MADINAH airport.

  • Visa is issued only for 30 days and single entry, visa will be issue 3 weeks before the flight.

  • Visa  processing fees $ 600.00 each passport

  • prepaid mail envelope to send back your passport.


  • Lunch & Dinner Will not be provided on our Umrah group travel

  • Cost of PCR Test 24 hours before flight and on the return **If Required**

  • Cost of Saudi sim card **If Required**


(Please note above information are given by the Ministry of Umrah & hajj as information is changing everyday we request you to contact our office to have the latest information

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